Road Local Union 669 was formed June 1915 with auxiliaries to follow. 669 Auxiliary Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was formed June 17th 1916. Starting in 1947 669 auxiliaries were granted local numbers and chartered under their date of formation. According to records Local Union 542's first roll call appearance was March 20th 1947 this is also the date of the first cash sheet with 542's number appearing. Our jurisdictional territory origanally was Allegheny County, but in 1955 it was agreed to extend our territory. In a letter to the United Association it was stated that our territory shall include a 25 mile radius from the City-County Building of Pittsburgh including in their entirety the cities of Monaca, East Vandergrift, Greensburg, and Washington, but excluding Vandergrift, North Appolo, and Coakesburg.




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